Some of you might think “this is awful, Montreal looks like a real dump”. It kind of is. This is what makes it cool. To me anyway. It’s a city of bums and people who don’t give a fuck. Lazy fucks who want money the easiest way possible. A place where people are free to be themselves without being looked down upon by a bunch of tofu-eating pricks from out of town who think they are better because they have a waxed mustache. Seriously, this is the one of the illest and most authentic cities in North America. The freedom, the easy sluts, cheap weed and abundance of good drugs is hard to overlook. We are all victims of culture. Our environment makes who we are. The Montreal vibe is unique and makes for one-of-a-kind people. Interesting folks who are just a little rough around the edges. If you can’t jump between three languages in a conversation, you are just not that Montreal to me. We got our own slang, our own way of doing shit. You either embrace it or join the rest of the world. That’s your choice. I chose this. I chose to be a grimy, mooked-out immigrant Montrealer.